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How it all started. Let us take you back to the 70's.

CPS Instruments

Precise measurements of particle size distribution are critical in many applications. Precise particle size measurement aids in research, development, and quality control, and facilitates compliance with nano-particulate regulations.

CPS co-founders Steve Fitzpatrick and Ron Ellis worked together at Firestone Plastics Company in the 1970s. They were tasked with optimizing particle size distributions in micron and sub-micron scale emulsion polymers, at a time when no good methodology for measurement in this size range existed. Lacking a commercially available instrument, the two developed a crude, early model of what would become CPS Instruments’ Disc Centrifuge. 

Today Marc Steinmetz of CPS Instruments Europe is (since 1999) leading the way to make the CPS Disc Centrifuge available for all scholars, scientists, engineers and manufacturers in Europe.

CPS_Foto_disc centrifuge_jan014.jpg
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